I’ll Start Tomorrow…..Monday…..Next Month…..The New Year…

It’s with a heavy heart!
August 19, 2017
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I’ll Start Tomorrow…..Monday…..Next Month…..The New Year…

This last couple weeks I’ve noticed a load of posts about how shit 2020 was, can’t wait for 2020 to be done, 2020 was such a write off etc. Fair enough it was not all sunshine and rainbows, it was definitely a very new and challenging experience that affected the whole world over, still is and still will be for the foreseeable future.
On the other hand there were some good things that came from this, more time was spent with family, neighbors stepping up to help each other, communities coming together to support local business just to mention a few.

And this got me thinking, funny how people are so willing to just fast forward to next week, next month next year. “Oh I will start my fitness journey Monday”, uuuummmm hello, why would you want to start anything on the ‘WORST’ day of the week according to most people out there, why wouldn’t you start on Friday, the day everybody looks forward too or Saturday even, the second best day of the week according to the masses?

“I will start being better with my finances next month”, why next month, what’s going to change or be different in 30 days than today? if you keep spending the paycheck the way you spend it now you will be in the same situation next month as you are currently, no?

Every Dec 31st at 00:00 as the clock resets into the new year, millions of people set ‘New Years resolution’ and hardly anybody is still doing them come Feb 1st. Why, well they just roll back into their old know easy ways. Which brings me to my point about all the posts going on lately. Were now in 2021 did Carona-19 disappear magically once the calendar changed? Have politicians become honest and caring all of a sudden? Have countless small business and unemployed people come into money to help them keep roofs over their heads and food on the table for their loved ones? I can go on with different situations that have not changed, you get the point but yet we wish the year was over to think that by some magical calendar change all will be solved?

Its called the present for a reason, every day we wake up and fill our lungs with air is a gift, regardless of what day, month or year it is. By wishing it away and focusing on the future we miss out on the daily nuggets of awesomeness that create the journey, the small things that make us happy to be alive and in the moment.

2021 will be just as shit a year if not worse if you do exactly the same thing you did last year and only start hoping 2022 will be better, isn’t that the definition of insanity…..doing the same thing over and over and over expecting a different result??
So what are you going to do to change your situation and set the tone for those around you? 1st thing I’d say is start whatever it is you need to do today, don’t wait for tomorrow, next month, next year, when this happens, when that happens just start today by writing it down and start work on it every day, even if its just and hour a day until you figure it out, get more in-tune with where you’re heading and what the outcome will look like and as you begin finding your stride start adding a little more time and energy to it every day, but do it daily and in small attainable steps.

Consistency is the key to changing your mind, body and current situation. That’s when true change will start taking place in your life, not by wishes but by daily actions starting now!



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